Legal Nominations


An Executor is appointed by your Will and is only effective after your death. The Executor has no power during your lifetime.


An Attorney is appointed by a Power of Attorney document and is effective any time you specify. This appointment ceases on your death.


A Representative is appointed by a Representation Agreement Document and is effective at any time you specify. This appointment also ceases on your death.


A Committee is a party appointed by a Supreme Court Order to look after an incapable person's Estate and/or person and is effective immediately (after the court order). It is usually required when the adult has failed to appoint someone as an Attorney and/or Representative at a time when they were capable.

In many instances, there is a need for an impartial third party to carry out your wishes. Roy Cammack and Gordan Hepner are frequently appointed as Power of Attorney, Representative and also as Executor to handle client's affairs. Clients can be assured that their legal matters are being attended to by competent, professional staff.

Cammack Hepner Notary Corporation has an excellent track record in this area. We will be pleased to act in the best interests of you and your estate.

Occasionally there is a need for an Attorney, Administrator, Representative or Committee to handle estate matters when other parties are not local or cannot agree. We will be pleased to place our expertise at your service. As well, if you are out of the area or the country, we would be pleased to act as your contact office and reference point. We are as close as the Internet.

To book an appointment with a Notary, contact Cammack Hepner Notary Corporation.